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PDF User Guide

How to read a pdf file? All theses which are located in the site are in pdf format. To open pdf files it is necessary the software Acrobat Reader® by Adobe. This software is free and you can download it from the official website of adobe.

Have I already installed the Acrobat Reader® in my computer? You can test to open a file with .pdf extention in order to verify whether the Adobe Reader software is already installed. If this file can be viewed, then you have nothing to do further. Also the icon of Acrobat Reader looks like the following:

How Can I Install Actobat Reader® ? You can download the latest version of Actobat Reader® from the official site of adobe by clicking here NOTE: The installation of Acrobat Reader® is required once. It is preferable to download one of the the latest versions (Version 5 and above) which provides speed,quality of printing,variety of language support etc.


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